Will Aslop. Ontario College of Art & Design

After reading interviewed British architect and artist Will Aslop, I couldn't help posting his work. 
COLOR as architectural element, DEMOCRACY in the process of elaborating the project and SELFISHNESS in the final decision making, describe his architecture and the way he moves.  
In my previous post, regarding Herzog & de Meuron's works, I wrote about their constant innovation and how they reinvent themselves in each project. This is what Aslop says, and I quote him as to deepen my thought:

"I like architects who always defy people’s expectations. It doesn’t mean I like what they do, but when their work is done, it will have presence, and it will be a strong part of the fabric of what the city could be. For example, I like Jean Nouvel’s work because I don’t know what he is going to do next. But if you show me a site where Zaha Hadid is going to build, I can try to predict how that building is going to look and, chances are, my prediction will be 70% accurate."


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