What's with the twins at Puerto Madero?

where: Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  The developing neighborhood in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires's most previliged and expensive area, has a peculiar characteristic: many projects are conceived as twin tower complexs. I haven't studied the reasons that explain this particular repetition, but I'm sure the clue to this must have to do with building code's: height restrictions (airport nearby), elevated FOT (total occupation factor) and low FOS (land occupation factor) per square feet of land.
This means: build a lot of square feet in a small portion of land and up to determined height. This helps reducing horizontal mass area and therefore, avoids the generation of dense barriers, that alter views and create big shadowed areas.

This is how Puerto Madero, the "twin tower neighborhood", looks like:

Let's look closer...

Still under construction, and the one's I like most, Madero Harbour. by Pfeifer-Zurdo arquitectos.
The slit-like corners turn a glassy bulk tower into a lightweight building.

The highest (171.8 m), Torres Renoir, by Robirosa, Beccar Varela, Passinato

Great terraces and last generation technology with the "domotization" of services and electronics at Torres Mulieris, by Justo Solsona of M/SG/S/S/S.

The first built in Puerto Madero: Torres River View by Camps & Tiscornia

The "linked" towers: El Faro, by Dujovne, Hirsch & Asociados

The ones with the gap: Torres del Yacht by Fernandez Prieto y Asoc and M/SG/S/S/S


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