Herzog & de Meuron. Elbephilarmonie Hamburg

map: Am Kaiserkai 20457 Hamburg, Germany

I just read about this philarmonic that's under construction in the pro-"new architecture" city of Hamburg. Herzog & de Meuron's studio is one of my best, and this building shows why. Because it's different. Different from the rest and different from themselves. H & dM's innovative creativity keeps them far from stylish "brand-architect's" that found a proper language that undisguiseably seems to suit in any city. 

The project is installed atop a red brick 1963 warehouse

check the lighted cranes reminding people of what is to come (idea of scenographer Michael Batz) and turning a construction site into a tourist attraction 


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  1. Amazing work!! Talk about futuristic! I would love to see this.
    Your comment regarding H + de Meuron's work is super interesting, it makes me think it is a luxury to have such sensitive, compromised architects giving us these type of buildings. I live in Miami and I notice the 1111 Lincoln Rd. building is 'custom made' not only for Miami and its idiosyncracies, but also for that specific spot within the city.


please let us know what you think or know about the project

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