Cesar Pelli. 15 Penn Plaza

map: 7th Ave & 31st - 32nd streets. New York, New York, USA

Argentinian César Pelli's prompting controversial tower is soon to be built in Manhattan. The 1216 feet building (just 34 ft lower than the Empire State Building) startles Empire State owner as battles that the tower will compete with his building, ruin its views, and even throw off the feng shui. But city council and new yorkers approved the project.
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it’s 42 percent larger than current zoning allows
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"Height is not a problem — the skyline should remain as dynamic as the city, and the obvious direction for change is up."
Justin Davidson
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"...efficiencies were added to conditions negotiated with an assortment of city agencies: extra-wide sidewalks to relieve congestion, a new pedestrian tunnel linking Sixth and Seventh Avenues, a set of freshly renovated subway exits, and plentiful retail on the lower floors — all in exchange for a huge zoning bonus in allowable floor space."
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  1. Paul, from looking at the pictures, I like how the two stand! They look good together, they will make a nice couple! haha. Good for argentinian Cesar Pelli. Viva Tucuman!!


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