Snohetta & Davis Brody Bond Aedas : 9/11 Museum

map: World Trade Center site. New York, NY
Awaiting completion in 2011, 9/11 memorial Museum already shows Snohetta's above ground pavillion. The 7 storie underground museum is designed by Davis Brody Bond Aedas of New York.  The Norwegian-american Snohetta office was comissioned the building (the only one that sits in the memorial grounds) horizontal and light, so as not to interfere with the inmensity of the site, and with a reminiscent appearance of the original towers.  

:   :  : ::: THE QUOTE
"Almost no memorial museum is sited where the tragedy actually happened. And this museum is the reverse of most. Usually, the museum houses the exhibit. Here, the exhibit houses the museum."
- Steven Davis of Davis Brody Bond Aedas


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