Santiago Calatrava. Liège-Guillemins Station

:   :  : ::: THE FACT
  • the station is set to provide a new pulse for the former industrial city, acting as the first part of a planned architectural vision for a corporate center in Belgium and the launch of Liège’s renewal.
  • The project has no facade in the traditional sense, since the interaction between interior and exterior is seamless. The monumental roof becomes, in effect, the project’s facade.

:   :  : ::: THE QUOTE
”People think a station is just a roof, but it is much more complicated than that.”
- Santiago Calatrava

 :   :  : ::: THE CRITIC
"Its ethereal, transparent, filigree architecture suggests openness, a dissolving of boundaries, infinite horizons, speed, grace and ease: everything, in other words, that train travel should be."


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