Toyo Ito. World Games Stadium

:   :  : ::: THE FACT
  • The solar panels covering the vast external face of the stadium are able to generate most of the power required for its own operation, as well as additional power that can be saved.
  •   The solar panel roof will produce 80% of the electricity in the nearby residential areas

:   :  : ::: THE QUOTE
“To me, it is more of a snake than a dragon. A wavy snake body with broad front and narrow hind would be the most precise metaphor. Snakes aren’t my favorite animal but I am a snake according to the Chinese horoscope.”
- Toyo Ito. Architect

 :   :  : ::: THE CRITIC
"it unfolds slowly to the visitor and is as much about connecting — physically and metaphorically — with the public spaces around it as it is about the intensity of a self-contained event"


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