Rem Koolhaas, Oma & Joshua Ramus. Seattle Public Library


- a grand staircase transformed into an open auditorium, its side aisles form a stairway that descends to the 4th avenue entrance floor
- The books are placed along a “book spiral,” on a continuous four-story ramp

"It's a very specific culture here, (...) There is a very highly developed common sensibility and a highly developed sense of solidarity between the rich and the poor. I think it's the only part of America where the rich are angst-ridden and want to do good. It is also a culture where many people have been involved in the digital world. What connects everyone is a dedication to reason and to reasoning, and I think that enabled us to do the project and explains the way it turned out." Rem Koolhaas

"The rap on modernism is that it comes in just two flavors-the cold perfection of Mies or a cacophonous experimentalism that often seems more about fashion than architecture. The Seattle Public Library points to a third way, a new maturity" read more by Lynn Becker

"Forbidden cities" by Paul Goldberger for The Newyorker

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