Mc Cormack & asociados. Recycling Los Molinos Building

Picture taken by PD showing Paul Siquier's mural. January 2010

Listen to Developer Alan Faena and artist Pablo Siquier

Views on Puerto Madero

- Designed as a center of art, culture, creativity, technology and life, the building will house, in what was the old engine room of the building, the Laboratory of Artistic Experimentation, "The Cathedral", which will be reserved for cultural activities.
- The project includes a pedestrian space linking Juana Manso Avenue and Aime Paine, under the glass bridge mills that link both buildings, decorated with a large mural of Paul Siquier.

"My purpose is to contribute to this global trend that believes in the creative transformation of cities as the necessary environment for the evolution of societies. The Art District which we conceive is in that direction (...). The future of modern society depends on the creative transformation of cities. What we build will remain in time and be part of the landscape of the new generations "" This work is to inherit. It is part of the heritage of our city. The basic idea was to recover the port design, manufacturing and service of Argentina in the early twentieth century and refunds according to a new urban model that will conceive the next generation. This was not intended as a ghetto but as an open space that encourages communication with the surroundings of Puerto Madero and the city. That is the value added ". Developer Alan Faena

the encounter between the existing and the new is proposed for a flexible and compact at a time. The aesthetics are integrated into a new form, simple, expressed in straight lines.
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Definetely Buenos Aires needs these type of buildings that incorporate public spaces into their own private one, giving the city the urban quality it needs.



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  1. I am not really familiar with the project, but I am with Puerto Madero, and I can say that is going to be a real boom! It is one of the most expensive neghborhoods in the country, I was told when I travel argentina. Architechture is very unique, so when building something there, it must be classic as well as modern.


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