Frank Gehry. IAC Building

map: 555 west 18th street, New York, New York 

Here's one of the most interesting buildings I came across last October: Gehry's IAC Building, his first made entirely in glass. What impressed me is the faceted white facade that dominates the view from blocks away.

I believe the design was inspired in the movement of the waves, since the building is in Hudson River's waterfront
behind stands Nouvel's  Residences at 100 11th Av

The public lobby was designed as an event venue, and is home of the world's largest video projecting walls

The white color of the glass is what most caught my attention. As I looked closer I discovered that the colored "degradé" effect was caused by the distance between these tiny white dots

view from 19th st. In the corner, Gehry to the right, Nouvel to the left

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