Zaha Hadid. Vitra Fire Station

:   :  : ::: THE FACT
Constructed as a working firehouse within the Vitra furniture design and manufacturing complex (buildings by renowned architects such as Ando, Ghery, Herzog & de Meuron, Grimshaw) after a fire some years earlier proved the need for such a structure

:   :  : ::: THE CRITIC
"Sharp edges on its overhanging canopy suggest the urgency of its purpose"
By Philip Kennicott. Washington Post

 :   :  : ::: THE QUOTE
"The Fire Station is a sculpture of cast in-situ concrete that contrasts with the orthogonal order of the adjacent factory buildings like the frozen image of an explosion in a photograph"

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  1. The Vitra Fire Station in Weil am Rhein was the first project of Zaha Hadid's. It not a fire station any more. It's now use as a museum for chairs. For more information and photo's:

  2. Ahh I thought it was still a fire station but the structural of the building is really impressive.

    fire scene photos


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