Zaha Hadid. MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts

: : : ::: THE FACT
  • Visitors are invited to dive into a dense, continuous space
  • The project is characterised by two primary architectural elements: the exposed concrete walls that delimit the exhibition halls and determine the intertwining of volumes, and the transparent roof that modulates and filters natural light.
  • The Contemporary Art and Architecture Centre for Rome is the first national museum for contemporary art in Italy.
: : : ::: THE QUOTE
"An interesting thing about the museum in Rome is that it is no longer an object, but rather a field, which implies that many programs could be attached to the museum. It’s no longer a museum, but a centre."

: : : ::: THE CRITIC
"The completion of the museum is proof that this city is no longer allergic to the new and a rebuke to those who still see Rome as a catalog of architectural relics for scholars or tourists. It affirms the view that cities thrive when each generation attempts to rise to the challenges of the past while remaining true to contemporary values. That means that yes, we too — the living — have something to contribute."


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