Kohn, Pedersen, Fox. World Trade Center Tower 5

map : 130 Liberty St, New York, New York, USA 5 WTC first from right (actually Deutsche Bank Tower being dismanteled), then Maki's 4 WTC, Roger's 3 WTC, and Calatrava's Transportation hub



  1. the PA of new York was actually seeking to cancel tower 5 and turn 2 and 3 wtc into tiny stumps, which world cut the amount of office space in half, luckily Silverstein properties said no to that and construction of all the buildings will proceed. 3 world trade center will be built to ground level and then put on hold. the same will be done for tower 2 although the wait may be longer than 3wtc

  2. Thanks for the info Ryan. I've been in NY on 10/9/10 and witnessed that works of dismanteling are still being done at WTC 5 site, where the actual but abandoned Deutsche Bank stands(9/11 left it inoperable). WTC 2 of Foster and WTC 3 of Rogers are not yet visible from street view, but it is said that works are on the go. Makis WTC 4 is rising upto floor #5 aprox already. For more info, check my post on my NY trip posted this year


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