Adrian Smith for SOM. Burj Khalifa. WORLD'S TALLEST BUILDING : 818m

click : article "Burj Dubai to open Dec. 2"

won't open till January 2010. Read article
interview with archictect Adrian Smith by Blair Kamin 1/6/10

Read critic by Christopher Hawthorne for LA Times
read article by Jenkins for The Guardian
"Culture Monster" by C. Hawthorne for LA Times
"The Burj Dubai: New world's tallest building shows that nothing succeeds like excess" by Blair Kamin for Chicago Tribune 
"Adrian Smith, personifies city's global reach" by Blair Kamin for Chicago Tribune
Goldberger Interview at Khaleej Times 

"You don’t build this kind of skyscraper to house people, or to give tourists a view, or even, necessarily, to make a profit. You do it to make sure the world knows who you are"


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